little ninjas

Little Ninjas

A fun, energetic class for children ages 4-6 years old. Your "Little Ninja" will learn basic and advanced techniques of Taekwondo. Our little ninja program is designed not only to be fun but to focus on motor skill development as well as self-control. This fun class will cater to their level of development and attention span while using consistency and routine to teach focus and self-discipline. Our masters and instructors at PURE are dedicated to helping your "Little Ninja" achieve their best and ultimately unlock their full potential both physically and mentally.

Fun Fact

Many parents, teachers, doctors, and psychologist studied to find out that Taekwondo builds and improves children's performance in team sports, family activities as well as in the classroom. Taekwondo has also proven to improve a child's application of respect, listening skills and as well as start to develop leadership skills not only to be used in the classroom or in the Dojang (training floor) but in their everyday life!

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