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Experience The PURE Difference.

Your kids work hard all day at school (oh yes, they do!), so why not involve them in an afterschool academy that allows them to build character, burn some energy, and receive hands-on academic support in a safe and family-oriented environment?

At PURE Taekwondo Center's afterschool academy, we focus each and every day on three fundamentals.

  1.  Building Character: Taekwondo as a martial art is so much more than punching and kicking. The Philosophy of Taekwondo centers around the growth of the individual, building a foundation of confidence and kindness, and developing the positive traits in each child's personality. PURE Taekwondo After School Academy supports this development daily through our family-oriented atmosphere as well as weekly lessons centered around the real-life struggles and opportunities our children face each and every single day.
  2. Staying Healthy: Through daily, structured Taekwondo inspired exercise classes, students will grow in physical strength, mental focus, and self-control. Our own Taekwondo students have found firsthand that this healthy balance makes a difference for them in school and at home. They see improvement in their academic focus, their behavior, and their confidence in building relationships. Not to mention that the classes are a whole lot of fun, and they will sleep well at night!! Training is provided by our headmaster Benard Posey, and international Taekwondo champion, elite athlete, an excellent role model!
  3. Achieving Academic Excellence: Each day we provide quiet, structured homework time so students can finish their homework and extend their skills. In addition to adult supervision, we have a certified teacher assistant on hand to help tutor and support as needed. One of our goals is to help students have school work out-of-the-way so that the family time is a bit more relaxed in the evenings!

SPACE IS LIMITED! Please call, email, Facebook us, or come in for more details and claim your spot! 

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