Cardio Classes

Class description:

Pure Cardio is a fun, body weight-based work out that focuses on endurance, toning, strength, and conditioning to help build a better, healthier lifestyle. PURE can help you get there! Invest two hours with us each week and you'll feel the difference. Our classes are designed for maximum impact and minimum boredom, with each individual working at his or her pace to reach their personal goals.


Here are just a few benefits of achieving cardiovascular endurance:

  1. Helps your body pump blood more efficiently.
  2. Reduces the risk of several chronic and life-threatening diseases
  3. Helps to combat stress, anxiety, and depression

Classes: Tuesday 7-8pm || Saturday 8:30-9:39am

$5.00 / class


Little Ninjas

A fun energetic class for 4-6 years old that helps develop motor skills, attention span, self control and much more.

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Family Classes

A family that practices together, progresses together! Experience the Taekwondo Journey together

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After school

It is proven that Taekwondo students make better grades! Get the full package when you enroll your child in our after school program.

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Summer Camp

You're still working while kids our out of school! Block out a few weeks of fun this summer with PURE.


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Birthday Parties

90 minutes of fun, Taekwondo, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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